When we think of forgiveness, we immediately think of others; how they will be set free when we forgive them. Make no mistake, forgiveness is NOT primarily for others, it is absolutely for you, your health, relationships, increase and freedom. Pardon releases YOU to receive blessings from God, providing freedom to enjoy those blessings. Forgiveness will be the most courageous thing you will ever do; it is not for wimps.

Most people confuse forgiveness with reconciliation. Reconciliation is complete resolution of the issue, a restoration, while forgiveness often must be worked at again and again, until the offense becomes benign, with or without restoration.   We all can think of an uncomfortable situation involving the approach of someone that we have hurt, or who has hurt us, pondering the incident with little hope of resolving it. If we remain here, however, it will slowly devour our joy our peace, and even our health.

While reconciliation might occur, involving the perceived offender at some point, forgiveness is primarily between you and God.  You may think going to others to let them know you have forgiven them, when they have not asked for forgiveness, as a great step on the road to healing.  It is not, often adding irritation or counter productivity.  If we stop to think about it, telling another you forgive them is not the way of the humble, for it has an air of moral superiority and pride.  Reconciliation, appeasing the broken relationship requires both parties willingness to (humbly) give and receive forgiveness. This restoration may become the result of forgiveness, but on occasion is not possible.  Forgiveness is not reconciliation but it is the major hurdle, absolutely required, to pave the way toward true reconciliation. On the path toward reconciliation, your ability to truly forgive an offender will bring snail-like healing along the path toward freedom.  Forgiveness is your choice to no longer let an apparent offense continue offending and hurting you. It will take time, but make no mistake however, forgiveness is not for others.  Forgiveness is for YOU.

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