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everal years ago I had an experience in a dentists’ chair that completely changed the way I practiced medicine. It started when my dentist pulled out a 3-inch needle – then tried to hide it. Where needles are involved, like most physicians I believe it is “more blessed to give than to receive!” Seeing me tense up, he stopped what he was doing, put his hand on my shoulder, and surprised me – he said a short prayer. I don’t remember everything he said but I felt a peace come over me. A simple prayer made a difference. On the way home I knew I should offer prayer to my patients.


Though conventional wisdom says faith and medicine don’t mix, studies show that 70-80% of Americans claim to pray regularly and that patients place a high value on spirituality, especially during a time of illness. Why not ask for God’s assistance as I worked to bring healing to my patients?

My experience of offering prayer translated into increased spiritual, physical, and emotional health. For many patients, prayer was vital to whole-person healthcare. It made a difference.

In 2011 the book Gray Matter was published. Gray Matter documents the dramatic intersection of neurosurgery and faith as it chronicles patient experiences (both good and bad) as well as my own journey of faith. The book received 5 stars on and became a bestseller. This success led to opportunities for public speaking and teaching.

In 2015, wanting more for patients dealing with anxiety (almost everyone before brain surgery is anxious), I began dr david levyworking on breathing and imagination exercises that would increase resilience in a world of increasing auditory and visual assaults. The feedback I received reported the breathing exercises helped with anxiety and sleep and allowed faster recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

 In 2017, after performing neurosurgery for more than 20 years, my wife Naomi and I decided it was time to transition out of medicine to pursue my dream of teaching and creating resources for better brain and mind health.  Using my knowledge of the Bible and the brain, my goal is to reveal God’s wisdom in a fresh and engaging way. Our mission is to help people understand that God is good and desires interaction and relationship. It is difficult to connect and enjoy relationship with God (or anyone) while stressed and distracted. In a world of increasing noise, we are creating exercises to quiet and focus the mind, which has many benefits to relationship. Developing healthy relationships with God, self and others bring wisdom, clarity, joy, peace and purpose – as God intended.  

Naomi and I hope there is something here that will benefit you on the journey.

Warm Regards,



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