Declaration to Release Anger, Resentment and Bitterness

(Prayer adapted from Biblical Foundations of Freedom by Art Mathias, p. 111.)

You can use this personally, or with another needing to release resentment or bitterness toward an offender. Verbal declarations (saying it out loud, not just in your head) are powerful. Speak these words, be specific as you speak of the offense and of the person whose actions or words offended you.

“I purpose and choose to forgive (insert the person’s name here) with all of my heart for what they did.” (Next, you say or have them state what that issue was – the more specific the better).

Finish with the following:

“I set them free and place them in the hands of God, and I am confident that God will treat them according to His justice and mercy. I drop any desire for vengeance against them, any bitterness or resentment toward them. I cancel their debt to me; they owe me nothing. They do not owe me an apology. They do not need to change their behavior to be forgiven. They do not need to value me because God has set my value and He values me. I set them free and I declare myself free from any anger, bitterness or resentment that binds me to them. Heavenly Father, please forgive me for my bitterness and resentment against (the person). God, please heal my heart, take away the pain and hurt, and tell me your truth about this situation.(Close your eyes and listen for a message from the Father in a word, picture or feeling: Write down the message.)


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