Video: Rick and Rita Deal With Tragedy

Video: Envy: Red Light On Your Dashboard

Video: Dealing With Shame and Narcissism

Video: Self Control: Where Does It Go?

Video: Burnout and Resilience

Video: Why Imagination Is Central to Life

Video: My Story and Journey of Forgiveness Q& A

Video: Narcissism Part 2

Video: Narcissism Part 1

Video: Was Jesus Lonely?

Video: Jesus’ Family Dynamics

Video: Shopping, Pleasing People and Other Addictions (My Therapist Sez)

Video: Science and Technology (La Jolla Presbyterian Church)

Video: Handling Difficult Holiday Relationships (My Therapist Sez)

Video: God, The Brain and Sexuality (My Therapist Sez)

Video: Dealing with Entitlement, Jealousy and Narcissism (My Therapist Sez)

Video: Godly Imagination 8/16/2016 at the Barnabas Group, Orange County  (

Video: Good Stress, Bad Stress and Brain Health 8/2/16 (My Therapist Sez)

Video: Rewiring Your Brain Through Prayer

Video: Depression and Resilience

Video: Forgiving Judas

Video: Empathy 1

Video: Empathy 2

Video: Empathy 3

Video: Moral Licensing Part 1

Video:  When Your Formula Doesn’t Work

Video: Cornerstone Church  Forgiveness

Video: Cornerstone Church Self- Compassion

Video: Loma Linda University on Prayer and Medicine



Elder Brother Insights w/Meditation

Imagination 1

Imagination 2

LJCF Summer Series: The Bible and Your Brain 6/9/16

JCF Summer Series: God, The Bible and Your Brain 6/14/16 

LJCF Summer Series: God, The Bible and Your Brain 6/21/16 


BMHC Session 1 by Dr. David Levy

BMHC Session 5 by Dr. David Levy

Betrayal and Judas’ Relationship With Jesus

Handling Disappointments: Physician Leadership Conference 2015

Don’t Toss the Turkey

Handling Rejection

Moral Licensing 1

Handling Family Problems on the Holidays

Audio: Whispering Winds Conference Part 1

Audio: Whispering Winds Conference Part 2

Audio: Whispering Winds Conference Part 3

Audio: Whispering Winds Conference Part 4

Audio: Mission to Congo

Audio: Dr Levy at Cornerstone Church in Long Beach April 2012

Audio: Jacob Deceived by Uncle Laban

Audio: Jesus Trains the Disciples’ Brains In the Storm

Audio: When You’ve Made A Big Mistake

Audio: Arnie’s Aneurysm

Audio: Moses, Fear and Food

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