Prayer To Release Offense Toward God

Here is a prayer you can offer to God as you work to release an offense.  I believe it is best said out loud, either alone or with others who will stand with you.  It is based on Biblical truth, spoken to a God who cares and is worth pursuing as you move forward.

“I come to you with painful events that I do not understand. Things have happened to me and to my loved ones that hurt. I choose to set aside what I do not understand and believe that You are good. This is not based on blind faith, or on my feelings, but based on Your character. The measuring stick of Your love for me is the Cross of Christ and not my circumstances.  There is no greater expression of love than Jesus dying in my place so that I could be in relationship with my Creator. As I look back in my life,  I can see that you have been with me and have helped me in the past, although I may not have recognized it. I declare that although I do not understand these painful events, You are good, kind and loving and have my best interests in mind. Forgive me for believing the voice of Your enemy telling me to doubt Your love for me, and that I am alone and/or need to fear for the future. I choose to believe  that You will never leave me or forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:8) and that I am precious to You (Psalm 139) and You have planned a good future for me (Jer. 29:11). I choose to use my faith right now because I do not have the feelings. As I continue to declare your goodness and love, I believe that my emotions will follow. Please God, help my unbelief.

I choose to trust You with my loved ones, that you have their best interests in mind, even if it looks painful and I want to see them free from suffering. You are enough for them, and you love them more than I do. Although I can’t see how this will work out, I want this relationship with You. Forgive me for judging You for what I do not understand. I will continue to declare You are good and give You my praise for who You are, no matter what the circumstances or what I am feeling about the circumstances.” (1 Thess. 5:18.) I refuse to be offended by You. I yield my life, health, finances, relationships, ministry, business, family and dreams to You. I am free to ask for what I desire, and free to praise You whatever the outcome.

God, I will pursue You, no longer waiting for proof of Your love for me. That was settled on the Cross as Jesus died for our sins, allowing us forgiveness and relationship with you forever. I’m coming after You. Reveal Yourself to me. Amen.” (May it come to be)

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